Fraktura and “Art Park” invite you to the reading bench in the park!

In a specially positioned and marked bench at the popular Art Park in Zagreb , every week, a new  book from Fraktura Publishing House is set up, so all the park visitors have a chance to enjoy the ultimate literature in the shade.


In Fraktura, they have prepared a variety of glossy books designed for reading outdoors, from thrilling crime and trilogy,through popular publicity titles to the prose and poetry of some of the most interesting domestic authors.


Among the books that will welcome you to the club will be the hit-novel Fox (croatian: Lisica) from author Dubravka Ugrešić, a collection of stories of Pizzeria Kamikaze, one of the most popular Israeli writers of today’s Etagar Kereta, the continuation of the Millennium series from the poem of David Lagercrantz, poetry of Mark Pogačar …


The first book was planted in the park with its opening in May, and every Monday until the September closing of the park, on the bench will await you a new worthy title.



Read in the open, read in the park!




Source: Fraktura Publishing House