Exhibition “Vera Josipović – Small Retrospective” from 19 June to 22 July 2018 at the Museum Mimara

A retrospective exhibition of Croatian art artist Vera Josipović, entitled Little Retrospective, opens in Museum Mimara.


“The retrospective exhibition is based on the part of the opus that the artist has preserved, and many of the works are, of course, dispersed throughout the world during more than half a century of foreign professional activity. However, we were still able to gain insight into the dominant stocks, starting from the inspired urban panoramas of the early 1950s, through the cycle of phytoomorphic drawings and pictures with a flower motif (somewhat like the views of the American painter O’Keefe), then the sea and mountain landscapes up to quite abstract a composition with a strong emphasis on dynamism and penetration into the depth of the plans. Curious about other techniques and materials, she worked in a mosaic (working in the 1970’s decorating for a hotel in Makarska), and exceptionally thin tiles, capturing various light-reflections and forming the frames of extraordinary optical tension (they were brought into connection with the experiences of “New tendency”). With his working parabola and the results achieved with a remarkable sensibility, Vera Josipovic deserves a serious valorization and integration into the historical context of Croatian art in the second half of the twentieth century, “said academician Tonko Maroević.


Vera Josipović graduated in 1950 at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts (in the class of professor Ive Režek), and then frequently exhibited at collective exhibitions of ULUH and LKM. Early study trips led her to France and the United States, and she spent much of her life and work in Italy and Switzerland.


Though she has spent a great deal of living and acting abroad, she belongs to Croatian art, both in hers formative years and experiences, as well as in the continuous connection with the local community and our authors.




Source: Mimara Museum